4th Class English Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) Textbook Download PST books

4th Class English Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) Textbook Download PST books

At Class 4 and class 5, English book the learners are introduced to the various forms and functions of language, equipping them with relevant skills for handling knowledge appropriate for their age. The learners acquire initial content knowledge and develop the skills and understanding to build a foundation for later studies. They also require a logical and critical approach as ideas and abstractions are numerous and complex, so content material has to be more structured.

So from here you can download 4th class Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) textbooks. These books can be studied for PST tests. You can download all KP textbooks from here for PST tests. 

From here you will be able to get PST, CT, NTS, SST books. You will also be able to get nts solved papers for ct, pst nts past solved papers.


In this book you will learn

Unit No. Title Theme
Unit 1 My Classroom Classroom objects Classroom manners
Unit 2 Pakistan Patriotism
My Country
Unit 3 Stop Littereing the Surrounding The market,
Effects of littering on surroundings
Unit 4 The Polar Bear nature
Unit 5 Cricket in the Street sports and sportsmanship,
safety at play grounds/streets
Unit 6 The King and his Golden Touch Truthfulness
Unit 7 Using Public Transport Taking a tour
Unit 8 The Ant and the Dove Helping others
Unit 9 A Kind Deed Courage Helping others
Unit 10 Environment Understanding and appreciation of natural environment
Unit 11 Neighborhood Respect and regard for neighbors
Unit 12 The Four Seasons Nature
Unit 13 Dabbling Ducks Nature
Understanding and appreciating natural environment

By the end of the Text Book 4th class KP Board students will be able to:

Recall and demonstrate use of more common countable and
uncountable nouns.
From immediate and extended environment. Identify and use collective nouns.
Change the number of regular and irregular nouns. Recognize and use nouns with no change in number.

Classify and change the gender of more nouns from immediate and extended environment (masculine and feminine).
Apply world knowledge and own opinion to text read. write simple descriptive, narrative and expository paragraphs. Introduce self and others.

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